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Our work is project based and customized

Three pillars characterize our services



We don't merely execute our business; we champion the goals of our clients. This customer-centric philosophy is the cornerstone of all our project operations, with a steadfast focus on putting the client's needs at the forefront.



Numerous startups navigate a trial and error phase lasting at least 2-3 years, often resulting in a financially taxing period. At Externinside Consulting, our expertise is dedicated to mitigating this challenge right from the start.

We specialize in guiding clients to save resources and identify the optimal path forward. By leveraging our insights, we assist in making informed decisions on campaign investments and drive communication strategies with efficiency. Our proactive approach aims to minimize the typical pitfalls associated with early-stage ventures, ensuring that resources are allocated wisely and efforts are channeled toward avenues that yield the best returns.



Reliability stands as the paramount value in fostering enduring partnerships and building successful businesses. Our clients must trust us implicitly in all matters, and at Externinside Consulting, we prioritize the establishment and maintenance of this trust.

We steadfastly commit ourselves to absolute confidentiality, extending our pledge of secrecy beyond the duration of our cooperation. This unwavering commitment ensures that our clients can confide in us with confidence, fostering a relationship built on trust and integrity.

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